Contestant Profile
Username zaza
Color Level Black
Hoenn Safari
Tribe(s) ██ Ulovek
██ Rodina
Placement 10th/20
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 20
Desert Resort
Tribe(s) ██ Sinai
██ Sahara
Placement 9th/20
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 22

Luxray placed 10th in Hoenn Safari and 9th in Desert Resort.

Pokemon Survivor: Hoenn SafariEdit

Challenges Competed InEdit

DodgePokeball (won)
Trivia (won)
Pokemon unscramble (won)
Sliding Puzzle (won)
Jump the Gun (lost)
Smash and Search (won)
Default (won)
PokeAuction (won)
Close Up (lost)
Make your Mark (lost)

Voting HistoryEdit

Luxray's Voting History
Episode Luxray's
Voted Against
1 Ulovek Tribe Immune
2 Ulovek Tribe Immune
3 Ulovek Tribe Immune
4 Ulovek Tribe Immune
5 No Vote
6 Ulovek Tribe Immune
7 Ulovek Tribe Immune
8 Deoxys Individual Immunity
9 Lickilicky Gloom, Riolu
10 Blaziken Cinccino, Deoxys, Pichu,
Electabuzz, Blaziken, Lapras
Voted Off, Day 20
Voted for
Sole Survivor
Lapras, Electabuzz

Pokemon Survivor: Desert ResortEdit

Challenges Competed InEdit

DodgePokeball (won)
Those Dam Pokemon (won)
Popularity Poll (won)
Endurance Elimination (lost)
Smash and Screach (won)
Move Duel (won)
Type Advantages (lost)
Pokemon City (won)
Evolution Solution (won)
Pokeball Capture (lost)
Desert Crossing (lost)

Voting HistoryEdit

Luxray's Voting History
Episode Luxray's
Voted Against
1 Sinai Tribe Immune
2 Sinai Tribe Immune
3 Sinai Tribe Immune
4 Sharpedo -
5 Mojave Tribe Immune
6 Mojave Tribe Immune
7 Blissey -
8 Sinai Tribe Immune
9 Sinai Tribe Immune
10 Remoraid -
11 Pikachu Flareon, Squirtle,
Pikachu, Munchlax, 
Voted Off, Day 22
Voted for
Sole Survivor

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